Learn How to Drive a Car in Reverse Gear

Learn How to Drive a Car in Reverse Gear

Driving a car in reverse is not easy. Most people actually find it very frustrating. I personally have no problem with driving in R, but since so many people keep emailing me and asking me for tips and tricks especially for beginners I decided to give this post a try. Guys, if you know how to properly drive you should probably skip this post. This is dedicated to all those people who just started and are having trouble trying to understand how to reserve drive. Yes, many of you find it unnatural, but I assure you that if you take action and directly implement the tips that I am about to share you won’t experience any difficulties whatsoever.

Driving in R has many various disadvantages and one of the first is reduced visibility. You are going to have a hard time trying to improve it, especially if you are not feeling comfortable and don’t have the necessary experience when it comes to the usage of the rear mirror. In this post, I’m trying to share with you some of the best practices that will certainly help you a lot. As usual, please grab yourself a cup or a glass of something and have some patience while. I present you with the most important aspects.

Before driving in reverse you should perform certain investigations of the terrain, especially if you cannot do the math in mind, and approximately calculate. How much space do you have while taking into consideration the dimensions of your car? Sometimes this is not easy. Yes, it takes a lot of time and without practice, you aren’t going anywhere. However, inspecting the area behind the car might sometimes be necessary, especially if you have a series of uncertainty. I have personally had to deal with plenty of cases when certain barriers are impossible to be noticed from cars.

And when you are driving an expensive one, even the smallest scratch can cost you up to several hundred dollars. I’m sure that no one will want to pay something like this. So, back up slowly and attentively, but make sure that there is nothing that can harm your car directly. Once I even stumbled upon a piece of metal that even my Mazda sensors couldn’t notice. It just happened and I had to pay more than 700 dollars to fix that scratch! Can you imagine something like this? And I already had like five years of driving experience when it happened!

Now, the next step is to set your transmission in the reverse gear while holding the brake pedal. Do not release it until you firmly check all your mirrors. Some drivers feel more assured when looking over their shoulder instead of using the mirrors. They claim that this offers a much better precision when parking and when trying to spot something that the rear mirrors won’t be able to show. So, when you have the best view of the behind of your car. You are welcome to start slowly releasing the brake pedal and pressing the gas one.

Your car will immediately start moving. Turn the wheel appropriately in order to avoid all possible obstacles. Remember, your attention is required when driving in reserve in order to keep away from all possible obstacles that could get you in trouble or even seriously damage your car. This is what you need to understand when learning how to drive a car in reverse gear. Everything else will come once you start practicing and there is no other option. Just daily training will do the deal. Stop wasting so much time on online driving educational programs. Ask the keys of your father’s car and start practicing, somewhere far away from the city. When you are getting better you should try and do it in real life.

Believe it not, but driving in reverse is not what you saw in movies. You need to go in reverse slowly. Most of the people that show you driving one hundred miles per hour in reverse gear are just fiction. Something like this is less likely to happen just because of the simple nature of this gear. It cannot handle more than 20 or 30 miles per hour. Nevertheless, the reverse gear should not be used for driving, but for reversing your car.

Remember that! If you will start using your R gear for driving in the city you will certainly go to get in big trouble with the law folks. Just follow the basic rules of driving and be several times more attentive when going the reserve way. Anyways, I guarantee that the moment you start training you are definitely going to get better and better, and soon enough. You will feel that certainty in your hands that will allow you to slowly increase the speed and become even faster when doing all the reverse operations. Follow our post on this blog about how to drive a car and I am definitely going to share more tips about driving R with you guys! So long!