Learn How to Correctly Drive a Car

Learn How to Correctly Drive a Car

For most people driving a car is no big deal. In fact, since the appearance of automatic transmission on most vehicles that are being mass-produced nowadays, even beginners are not afraid of putting their hands on the wheel. However, besides just pressing the gas and the brake pedal, clutch while shifting gears, and knowing how to fuel your gas tank, there are many other important safety and security aspects that most people are not paying attention to and get into trouble and sometimes even terrible accidents that cause suffering both to them and their family. If you are really serious about improving your driving skills you need to learn how to correctly deal with a car until it is not too late. I suppose that most of you know what I am about to share with you in this post. However, this is created especially for beginners which are responsible for most accidents that occur nowadays. Guys, be careful because it is not only your life that is in danger but the life of the passengers in your car!

I suppose that you already know what a car is (LOL!!) so I’ll skip this boring type of boring intro. However, besides the basic control that it has (wheel, pedals, and gear shifter, hand brake) there are plenty of other controls (lights, indicators, heating, windows, etc) which are extremely important especially while driving during the night and in various tough weather conditions. If you refuse to use them you are more likely to get a penalty or even get in a pretty serious accident. In order to learn how to correctly drive a car, there are three important things that you are going to need and those are a car. A driving license, and the courage to actually take action and start doing something. The tips that I am about to share are moderately easy and don’t require any special instructions. Just make sure that everything is under control and that you are positively sure that you really want to study the art of driving correctly more profoundly. Grab yourself a glass of water and let’s begin. It will take a long time.

The very first thing that you need to make is actually open the door of your car and get in! Seat in the driver’s front seat, take a deep breath, relax and follow the next instructions. Remember that the driver’s seat is the one with the staring wheel in front, LOL. I think that now it’s time to check if the hand brake is pulled up. Watch out, if it is not, your car might be rolling into the nearest barrier. However, if you managed to get in – this means it’s on.

If you are driving a car with a manual transmission, a clutch pedal, and a lever, the very first thing that you need to do before turning on the engine of your vehicle is to press both the brake pedal (using your right foot) and the clutch one (using your left foot). Synchronize this move and move the lever into the neutral gear. Remember that you always have two options. You either put the lever in the first gear and keep both pedals pressed or you press the clutch once, insert the lever into the neutral gear and then release it. This way you will be able to run the engine of the car without having to keep those two pedals totally pressed down. Now it’s time to move!

When you begin to drive, slowly release the clutch and slightly press the gas pedal. Remove the leg from the gas pedal, press the clutch and move the gear lever into the second gear when the tachometer shows at least 2,000 RPM. Do exactly the same with all the following gears as well. However, before moving even several meters you have to attentively check the road in front of you and use the rear mirrors for additional assistance if necessary. Always release the hand brake before you decide to move. If you don’t you are going to experience a lot of trouble when you’ll start hearing the engine of your car yelling “HELP!!!!”

I don’t think telling you to use the steering wheel in order to control the position of your car is so necessary. This is what it was designed for from the very beginning. If you are having trouble doing this you better don’t even start driving in the first place. Driving is for people who can calmly synchronize several simple movements and operations and also attentively watch the road and follow the signs.

This is how you should learn how to correctly drive a car. Start with the basics and keep advancing when you get more and more experience and skills. There is no roundabout way!