Keep your car cool in summer with these 5 ways

Keep your car cool in summer with these 5 ways

The summer season is starting fast and day by day the temperature is increasing very fast. For the next few months, it is going to be a tough time for the car drivers who park their cars in the open or under the sun. The car gets extremely hot when parked under the sun. Here we are going to tell you 5 ways, with the help of which you can keep your car cool.

Rear AC Vents

These days the trend of having rear AC vents in Indian cars has increased very fast. However, there are still many cars that do not come with rear AC vents. This is quite a feature for the rear seat passengers. Some cars do not have AC vents for the third row.

In such a situation, we are going to tell you the solution for this. You can connect this hose pipe to the front AC vents in your car, which will direct cool air to the rear passengers. At the same time, you can easily fold it in cold weather.

Solar-Powered Exhaust

With the sun and the car parked under the windows, it creates a greenhouse effect. Heat enters the cabin of the car but does not come out of it. This causes the temperature inside the cabin to rise rapidly. However, some people leave the windows open at short intervals to maintain airflow.

However, it is not as effective. The best way to keep the cabin cool while the car is parked is to keep the airflow consistent. For this, you can put a solar-powered exhaust pan on the window. It keeps the hot air inside the cabin out.

Window Blinder

You must know that Sun movies have been banned in India. However, you can always use a sun blinder to keep the cabin cool and safe from the sun’s rays. There are different types of blinds available in the market and some of them can fit perfectly on the window of your vehicle.

Cooled Seat

At present, there are many car manufacturers who are offering the features of cooled seats in their cars. Hyundai’s Venue is the first car in its segment to get this feature, but it is available only in the Haier variant. If you cannot afford the variant with this feature from the company, you can buy aftermarket accessories.

You will find a similar device in the market that will plug into your 12-volt socket and work to cool the temperature of your seat by a few degrees. It is a plug n play device and can prove to be very useful in the scorching summers.

Roller Windshield

While you can take care of your car windows by installing a blinder, it is not a good idea to leave a large glass area like the windshield open, which can create a greenhouse effect in your car. Well, you can use a roller windshield to avoid this.