Keep these four hacks in mind while changing the Spare Tire

Keep these four hacks in mind while changing the Spare Tire

When you change your car tire, you end up getting your hands dirty. Especially if you own a car and drive it by yourself. There are many car drivers in India who do not know the correct procedure to change the tire, so it is not going to be less than a headache for you. That’s why we are going to tell you about four easy steps to change a tire.

Remove the spare tire when you remove the jack and spanner

People usually start loosening the bolts of a punctured wheel before removing the spare wheel and jacking up the car. Although it is not wrong, this method will make you sweaty.

Also, it can be a bit difficult to get the tire out with frozen palms. Also when you are jacking up the car, there is a possibility of the jack slipping. As a precaution, it is always safe to put the spare tire under the running board of the car.

Mount the Jack at the Marked Point

Newer cars have marked points to help you determine exactly where the jack needs to be mounted, avoiding an accident. For this, you have to identify the marker.

If you can’t recognize the mark, its thumb rule is to mount the jack in a flat spot near the edges of the underbody, close to the wheel you’ll need to replace. Also, make sure the surface is flat and hard when you mount the jack.

Loosen the wheel bolts before you jack up the car

The wheel bolts have to be tightened very quickly and hence a lot of effort and effort is required to untie them. When the car is on the ground, you can use the spanner to loosen the bolts. And it’s not really safe to do this when the car is jacked.

Raise the car until the wheel is completely off the ground

Normally when people jack up the car, the deflated tire moves off the ground and can be easily removed. But a bigger tire doesn’t slide in so easily because of its larger diameter. Instead, if you jack up the car an inch higher, the spare tire fits easily.

Special care should be taken that after removing the jack from the car, tighten the bolt so that your car can be safe. Also, the detached wheel, as well as the jack and spanner kit, must be put back in their designated positions.