How to take care of your car: 5 tips on how to take care of your car

How to take care of your car: 5 tips on how to take care of your car

It doesn’t matter if you own a 50,000-euro car or a 5,000-euro car, if you love your vehicle and really care about it, you have to take care of it, otherwise, you will lose it. If you do, your car will thank you and you will thank him every time he gives you satisfaction. The benefits of being careful in the care of your car are many, after all, nobody likes to see a muddy car, and it is even less easy to sell a dirty car with a worn interior. Here you will find 5 tips on how to take care of your car.

External washing and internal cleaning

Let’s start with the simplest thing, to do at least once a month, dust and dirt accumulate. Let’s not let the beautiful carpet of our car become a battlefield between dirt, dust and why not maybe some chips fallen to our little ones while you travel. The same applies to seats and for those in the tissue than those in the skin. The more clean and fragrant the cockpit of our car will be welcoming. It’s nice to see a freshly washed car. It certainly helps to have a great aesthetic impact, but let’s remember that a clean headlight projects the light better than a dirty one. That glass without stains and halos helps us to see better. All things that go to increase our safety and comfort on board.

Engine Care

Importantly, if we do not take care of the horses that are under the hood very often we will find ourselves reaching for our wallet, and we know how “painful” it can be. Therefore we will go and take care of our engine, doing the servicing at the right intervals following the indications of the parent company. Yes, because the life of the engine of our car is influenced by:

  • Quality of the intake air
  • Condition of the engine oil
  • Quality of the fuel
    So to extend the life of our engine we will need that the various filters are in good condition, and that perform their function, of an oil that is specific to our engine and that is changed periodically. As reported in the use and maintenance booklet of our car.

Periodic checking of liquids

In modern cars, which have special instruments and sensors. We have the convenience of being able to control almost everything from inside the passenger compartment but in older cars. We will have to open the hood and check that every liquid is level (engine oil, liquid). coolant, brake oil, etc.). Sometimes it can save us from a fault while driving, in fact. The abnormal consumption of oil or coolant can be an alarm bell. The check must be done with the car stationary on flat ground and with a cold engine. It is advisable to always check before leaving for a long journey

Tire Inspection

It is good to keep an eye on the consumption of the tires which can vary according to our driving style and the roads we usually travel on. By observing the tires periodically, we can safeguard them from abnormal wear that would lead us to have to replace tires prematurely. Irregular wear can be caused by incorrect inflation pressure, in some cases excessive and in others insufficient, which we can recognize as follows on each individual wheel:

  • Wear on the shoulders = Insufficient pressure - Wear in
    the center = Excessive pressure
    Irregular consumption of the tires can also be given by a mechanical failure of the suspension or a bad alignment of the toe-in, in this case it can be recognized as follows:
  • Wear at times in the center = Suspension defective
  • Wear on the inner shoulder = wrong alignment of convergence
    This precaution with the necessary interventions helps us to increase the safety of our car on the road and also to safeguard our wallet.

Choice of accessories

We buy accessories that can be useful in the everyday use of our car. Such as rubber mats, which we can find universal or special for our car, use them a lot on rainy days, sitting in the car with wet shoes helps us a lot. Bring enough water to wet the floor mats and carpets below, and if maybe drivers besides us repeat the operation up and down we will bring enough water inside the car so that the floor mats stay wet for several days. Which can give off a bad smell in the long run. We will avoid this by using rubber mats. Another accessory that I recommend is a rubber tube for the trunk.

If you frequently use the trunk to transport equipment or your four-legged friend, this too we can find universal or exclusive. Last but not least, I recommend that you buy a sun visor to put on the windshield. If you often have to leave the car exposed to the sun, which will protect the dashboard, steering wheel, and seats from sunlight. Heat, which in the long run can damage, distort or fade the interior of our car.