Car Fire Safety Tips: If the car catches fire, then save your life like this

Car Fire Safety Tips: If the car catches fire, then save your life like this

We often hear that a moving vehicle suddenly caught fire. The risk of fire in cars is higher in CNG-powered cars. Many times, due to a fault in the car or due to a short circuit in the wiring, a car catches fire. Today we will tell you what are the causes of fire in the car and how life can be saved in case of fire.

How does a car catch fire?

The most important cause of fire in a car is a short circuit. It has been seen in most cases that people do not get repairs done in the authorized service center and get the work done from outside. People buy accessories from the open market after buying a car. These include a stereo system, security system, headlamp, and reverse parking sensors. Most of the mechanics in the market are untrained. In such a situation, while fitting these accessories, they either leave many wires open or are not able to connect properly. Due to which there is a possibility of a short circuit.

Incorrectly installing CNG/LPG kit in the car is also the main reason for a car fire. Get the CNG/LPG kit installed in the car from authorized centers only. Failure to do so may result in leakage while fitting the kit. As we know that car fuel is flammable and in such a case a fire can happen in the car at any time due to leakage. In the company Fit CNG, first of all, the automatic regulator and check all are installed on the cylinder. In case of leakage or any problem, this check all are opened immediately and all the gas is released from the cylinder and the accident is averted. Whereas this is not the case in getting the local CNG kit installed.

Apart from this, the use of deodorants, air purifiers, and other flammable materials inside the car also increases the risk of fire. Many people smoke cigarettes or tobacco while driving. Cigarette sparks can be triggered by contact with any flammable material kept inside the car. This inadvertent mistake increases the risk of fire.

how to save a life in case of a car fire

While driving the car, if you see smoke rising from somewhere. Smell something burning, then immediately stop the car somewhere on the side and turn off the engine. Get out of the car immediately and use it if you have a fire extinguisher in the car. If the fire in the car is high and it is not extinguished even with a fire extinguisher. Then it is better that you keep a distance from the car. Keep a good distance from the car so that you are not harmed by any kind of explosion.

Try to give fire alert to the vehicles moving towards the car so that the people coming towards the car are not harmed by it. Also, ask the pedestrians next to the car to keep their distance from the car.

If necessary, immediately contact the fire department, traffic police, and ambulance. Firefighters will be able to douse the fire quickly and the traffic police will alert the oncoming traffic of the danger ahead.

If the car is on fire after an accident, try to get out of the vehicle as soon as possible even if you are injured. As the fire increases the risk of explosion and can cause serious damage. When you get out of the car, you must immediately help the other passengers. Unlock the car doors and help the others out.